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Aether Gathering
Eviel.dawn (Eviel) 399
DivineEyes (Guardiane) 371
lindelle (Lindelle) 399
Eviel.dawn (Eviel) 480
DivineEyes (Guardiane) 399
Desdemoni (Desdemoni) 415
Eviel.dawn (Eviel) 449
DivineEyes (Guardiane) 399
Velrynshield (Velryn) 433
DivineEyes (BitSlash) 400
Eviel.dawn (Uryel) 449
lindelle (Lindelle) 402
Eviel.dawn (Bunnykins) 399
lindelle (Lindelle) 449
Vitality Gathering
Eviel.dawn (Eviel) 399
DivineEyes (Guardiane) 399
lindelle (Lindelle) 399
Venng (Venng) 399
DivineEyes (Guardiane) 359
Scandalez (Liix) 200
Venng (Venng) 449
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Welcome to the Dawn Website!

Go forth not just to pierce the darkness, but as messenger and message to the darkness that its time is up. for behind you is only light... For you are Dawn

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Dawn Caps 2nd fort!

Eviel.dawn, Jun 9, 10 5:43 AM.
Eastern Siels is now under the control of Dawn :)

ZOMG!!!! We ownz Asteria!!!!!

Eviel.dawn, Apr 3, 10 10:57 AM.
Asteria is now under the control of Dawn

Dawn tops 2 Million APs

Eviel.dawn, Mar 24, 10 6:44 AM.
That's right we hit the 2 million mark :)

I want to thank you all for your hard work and effort getting us here, and to remind you there is still a long road ahead. "Our alts are better then your main" legion is nipping at our heals lets put some distance between us and them :)

Gratz to Kin and Cal on Level 50!!!!

Eviel.dawn, Feb 17, 10 6:34 AM.
Conga Rats to you both :)

Fort Raids!

Eviel.dawn, Feb 7, 10 3:34 AM.
Fort raids are now posted on the calender. Please sign up for them if you attend. Some fort action has raid points associated with it and will earn you medals!!
Game News
Dawn Caps 2nd fort!
Jun 9, 10 5:43 AM
ZOMG!!!! We ownz Asteria!!!!!
Apr 3, 10 10:57 AM
Dawn tops 2 Million APs
Mar 24, 10 6:44 AM
Gratz to Kin and Cal on Level 50!!!!
Feb 17, 10 6:34 AM
Fort Raids!
Feb 7, 10 3:34 AM
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